The Curator

  • Grew up in New York City

  • Lived briefly in The Netherlands

  • Currently residing in London

  • Enjoys the prose of Pelham Grenville Wodehouse immensely

  • Picks up a camera occasionally.

The Design

With every iteration of this site I've whittled things down more and more and each time I've scorched the earth and started anew, leaving all previous content behind. As with my previous design my thanks go to Kevin Cornell for his help with the logo which evolved from an old mark I stumbled across some time ago. The result is so fine that I wanted any other design elements to simply sit in the background and not distract.


The Mechanics

With each new site design seems to come a new CMS and this time around I've left ExpressionEngine behind and am giving Square Space a try. It's beautiful and easy to work with and so far it's offered the best support I've encountered with a CMS.


With Thanks To ...

Kevin for his kind help with the site's logo. As always, he delivered a knock out.