Every now and then(not often but sometimes), I'm asked about the apps I use and my "setup". I don't think my configurations and app selections are particularly outstanding or unique but there may be things you've not encountered before and I've always enjoyed seeing how others have configured their digital workhorses so here we go ...


Application launcher and productivity tool extraordinaire. Don't know how I ever got on without it. I never have to leave what I’m doing to visit google, or wikipedia, or search for a file. It all happens with a quick keyboard shortcut to Alfred and by adding the option “Powerpack”, Alfred become supercharged with possibilities. 



Looking to automate tasks you currently deal with manually? Hazel is for you. You can build complex automations or simple little ones but the net result is the same - less hassle. I use Hazel to automatically move files to certain folders, empty folders after set periods of time and even use it to monitor certain download folders for the arrival of "media" which then kick starts a process that ends with converted media loaded with meta data all placed inside iTunes. 



Tired of typing the same thing over and over again? You need TextExpander. Keep it simple by establishing abbreviations for things like email addresses, your postal address, phone numbers, email signatures or really put it through its paces by using a single abbreviation to generate an entire workflow for your meetings. David Sparks does a much job than I ever could in explaining all its powers over at MacSparky.



Because you need cloud store and the ability to sync application preferences easily and you're not an animal. 


Because there are animals out there and you need to protect yourself from them. 1Password makes online security easy across all your devices and you'd be crazy not to use it or some kind of password management solution. 


Sometimes you need to access sensitive data while you're on the go. Sometimes you just need to backup sensitive data. Sookasa is great for both. It places an encrypted folder within your Dropbox account (works with Google Driv as well I believe) and anything you place inside of it, is instantly encrypted and secure.